The ENCAPSULIN project brings together two complementary partners: Kadimastem, an Israeli SME, and Defymed, a French SME. By combining the partners’ expertise in the fields of macro-encapsulation and Islets-like-clusters (ILCs) production derived from stem cells and type 1 diabetes, the project aims to fight diabetes by proving safety and efficacy of MailPan® and ILCs combination in preclinical models.

The ENCAPSULIN project, of 24-month duration, started in November 2018, intends to test the Bioartificial Pancreas MailPan® (Defymed) in combination with ILCs derived from hESC (Kadimastem) and therefore validate its features necessary for a future entry into clinical trials in Human. More specifically, this study aims to validate the function, safety and immune-protection of the combination in vitro and in vivo.

Physiologically very close to pancreas to better address unstable glycemia issues and brittle Type 1 Diabetics

Better compliance

Full pre-vascularization significantly increases secreting cells’ life span and function

No organ availability issues

No daily insulin injections

More convenient in everyday life (no actions needed from the patient)

Discreet device (thin and fully implantable)

Encapsulin project