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Defymed is a company that develops and markets implantable bio-artificial medical devices for diverse therapeutic applications.

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Our basic aim is to develop breakthrough innovations that enhance drug delivery systems leading to improvements in the quality of life of patients.

Séverine Sigrist, Defymed CEO Who are we ?

Defymed's mission is to develop innovative medical devices for diabetic patients providing effective treatments and improving quality of life



million diabetics worldwide forecasted for 2045


$ 750

billion per year spent on diabetes-related expenses


more than 10

million diabetics receiving insulin therapy have poorly regulated blood glucose levels

A bio-artificial pancreas intended to be filled with insulin-secreting cells in order to regulate blood glucose levels in a more physiological way

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An insulin delivery device that makes injections of insulin more efficient

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    Reinventing together health innovation

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    International partnerships focused on open innovation

    Top notch network
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    Your health challenges our innovation

  • Service Provision

    Full chain R&D facilities, combining both in vitro and in vivo assays, using well established experimental models

    Service Provision
  • Quality

    ISO-13485:2016 to guarantee the safety of our medical devices and optimize our corporate performance