Expert in the physiological delivery of insulin, Defymed intends to expand its scope of action to other therapeutic applications, such as the delivery of antibiotics or chemotherapy by a minimally invasive route of delivery.

The deLIVER project developed by Defymed aims to:

  • Develop a minimally invasive surgical procedure (laparoscopy) to allow the implementation of ExOlin(R) in an innovative site of implantation. To support this objective, Defymed has selected  IRCAD-Strasbourg (Institut de Recherche Contre les Cancers de l’Appareil Digestif), recognized worldwide for its expertise in the development of new minimally invasive surgical procedures and guided by the image
  • Validate the effectiveness of ExOlin(R) in an innovative drug delivery site

Improvement of ExOlin® device to develop a mini-invasive surgery

Targeted and physiological delivery shall increase efficacy of drugs

Exploration of drug delivery in other diseases

The global market of innovative drug delivery devices was evaluated at $178.8 billion in 2015

Confirm Defymed’s position as worldwide leader for the development of physiological drug delivery device