Defymed, Advanced therapies inspired for you

Defymed is a French SME that develops innovative medical devices aimed at treating patients physiologically in order to improve the clinical effectiveness of their treatment as well as their comfort. Defymed is a spin-off of the Centre européen d’étude du Diabète (European center for diabetes studies), which began work on a bioartificial pancreas in 1996. Today, Defymed focuses on diabetes, which is considered to be one of the major epidemics of the 21st century.

There are currently two medical devices being developed by Defymed which are at an advanced preclinical trial phase:

  • MailPan ®: bioartificial pancreas
  • ExOlin ®: physiological insulin delivery device

Our mission

Develop innovative medical devices using breakthrough technologies,

Conduct the preclinical and clinical research to confirm the proper operation and safety of these medical devices,

Improve the quality of life of patients using physiological treatment solutions

Our values

The creation of medical devices at Defymed puts the patient at the center of our innovations at all times. Our enthusiasm and close teamwork are consequently dedicated to improving the quality of life of patients. Our various international partners support us in our goal of developing a medical device for the physiological treatment of patients.

The genesis of Defymed

  • 1996 - 2000

    BARP European project under the 4th framework program (FP4) including 10 research teams

  • 2004 - 2007

    BARP+ European project under the 6th framework (FP6) including 18 research teams and leading to a MailPan ® prototype

  • 2008

    MailPan ® project jointly approved by the competitiveness clusters of Alsace (Alsace Biovalley France) and Franche-Comté (Microtechnics)

  • 2010

    The SEMIA business incubator in Alsace follows the MailPan ® project and winner of the «Emergence» award organized by the French research ministry

  • 2011

    Foundation of Defymed

A strong and unique network


Joining forces around open innovation

The MailPan ® project was organized around several European projects, before the creation of Defymed (BARP and BARP+) and since its foundation (BIOSID, MECABARP and CODEPI), including many public and private partners specialized in different domains, thereby opening up opportunities to go beyond the normal limits and develop innovative medical devices.

Open innovation is important for Defymed and brings together specialists with an extensive range of skills to tackle the same goal.


To be accompanied by a network of experts

Over time, Defymed has surrounded itself with a network of experts working on innovative treatments of diabetes while also working on the new medical technologies. Whether it is the patients, the scientific community or the medical profession, Defymed has a large local and international pool of resources to draw from in order to achieve its ambitions.


Access to modern laboratories

Thanks to Defymed’s access to modern laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, its team can conduct all the in vitro and in vivo studies needed to prove the effectiveness and safety of the medical devices.