World biomaterials congress

Defymed at World biomaterials congress

December 11-15th 2020:

After a complicated year to maintain events, Defymed is delighted to participate to the 11th World Biomaterials Congress virtual sessions that will be held from Friday 11th December to Tuesday 15th December. This is the first time that Defymed will attend such event which promises to be very exciting with over 100 sessions and a diverse and interesting program focusing on the use of biomaterials through different topics such as cell-materials interactions, specific medical applications, tissue engineering applications, etc.

In the past decades, we’ve seen more and more devices or combined devices developed to bring new treatment approach and body-like devices meanwhile improving integration and body’s response. The use of biomaterials and how they could interact with the host biological environment is gaining importance in the development of medical devices or regenerative medicines for several clinical applications. Raw materials, surface modifications, use of specific components are as many elements that could impact the mechanisms of the integration of the product to the patient addressed by the World Biomaterials Congress.

The trend of the use of biomaterials is also confirmed when considering the evolutions of the regulations for such products which was reviewed several time the past years.

Defymed already has expertise in the fields of polymers and films development and wants now to reinforce its knowledge and know-how. The aims for Defymed is to identify how the current and the future devices of the company could be improved in terms of functionality, performances and safety to bring to the patient’s bed the best solution depending on the medical applications.

This is clearly a unique chance for Defymed to discover new fields of interest, insights, network and new collaboration opportunities.

Charles-Thibault Burcez (CPO) will be participating to this virtual congress.

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