Richard and Manuel at ATTD 2023

22-25 February (Berlin, Germany): Defymed at the Advanced Technologies and treatments for Diabetes

The purpose of the ATTD meeting is to highlight innovative technologies and treatments in diabetes management. It brings together developers of new technologies with the diabetes professionals and caretakers, researchers, industries, startup companies, investors, reimbursement authorities and regulators, as well as people with diabetes. Distinguished international professionals discuss and disseminate information on the latest technologies and treatments in our field.

Main topics that are being discussed during the annual meeting include: Decision Support Systems (Advisors), big data and artificial intelligence based decision support systems, closed-loop systems and algorithms, artificial pancreas, insulin pumps, glucose sensors (invasive and non-invasive), new insulins and other medications, new insulin delivery systems, devices focused on diabetic preventions, informatics in the service of medicine; telemedicine, software and other technologies, advanced medical technologies to be used in hospitals and more.

This year, ATTD will hold in Berlin and we have the chance to be . This will be the good time to present our technologies ExOlin® to improve insulin delivery by-passing the sub-cutaneous delivery, and MailPan® a cell encapsulation device. Having a booth on the International Fair of New Technologies in Diabetes is a unique chance to:

  • Meet researchers from the academic world, key opinion leaders and fellow inventors who are keen to learn about new research and development findings
  • Be on a unique platform enabling a rare exchange of views and ideas on emerging technologies
  • Be linked to potential industrial companies and investors in the field interested in funding further development or commercialization of inventions or products
  • Obtain the attention of venture capital companies
  • Create opportunities for building networks with others international inventors or scientists worldwide
  • Maximize exposure of our innovative products and technologies by way of a global audience


This year, Richard BOU AOUN (r.bouaoun(at) and Manuel PIRES-NEUPERT (m.pires(at) will hold the conference and be present on booth A65A. You can contact them if you want to organize a discussion there. It is also possible to book an appointment through e-mail


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