12-13 May: Defymed at the Meet2Win convention

Our president Séverine SIGRIST will be present at the 7th edition of the Meet2Win Convention organised by MATWIN, a national programme dedicated to the acceleration of innovative projects in oncology, from 12 to 13 May 2022 in Bordeaux (France).
This convention is a chance to learn about oncology and discover the latest innovations, projects and technologies in the field.
This year’s event will be face-to-face and is expected to bring together more than 300 participants, creating a real networking opportunity by maximising our chances of meeting future partners or investors.
This is in line with our recently announced collaboration in the field of solid tumours with no treatment options with the Angers-based company GlioCure (who will also be present). In addition, this collaboration is the result of a meeting at the 6th digital edition of the Meet2Win Convention in 2021. Our desire to use our innovations to improve the quality of life of as many patients as possible by exploring new applications, this convention is an opportunity for Defymed to take a step forward towards the use of our devices in cancerology.